06 9 / 2011

This sucks because I think this next ripper has a lot of talent, even if his entire style is kind of a rip off of Godmachine (google the things I say people!). Nonetheless, someone sent this in to me and the guy is still a ripper. His name is Eric and he goes by “Burn Til Dead”. Shucks, I really like that name too.

Here’s a shirt he did for the band, Chelsea Grin. He used the hands from a Christopher Lovell piece and the hair and horns from an Angry Blue piece
note: A reader brought to my attention that BTD and Christopher Lovell may have used the same reference picture to make their hands. Therefore that part wouldn’t necessarily be a rip. We’re not sure yet.

Here’s an overlay of Angry Blue’s artwork over Burn Til Dead’s. If you flip the picture horizontally its a perfect match for the Angry Blue art

I’m looking for more from this guy but email me if you find something and I’ll do an update. Thanks!