07 11 / 2011

Have you guys heard of this band called Head for the Mountains? They’re a hardcore punk band from Missouri. They sing songs like “The Cost of Freedom”, “Keep The Change”, and “Hopeless”. Oh, sorry did I mention that they’re also a right wing conservative hardcore punk band? Seems like kind of an oxy moron to me but let’s take a look.

I immediately picture their fans as stuffy 48 year old men, trying to take cellphone photos of themselves at their concert so they can send it to their teenaged sons at home to show how cool they are. If only they could figure out how to picture message on their iPhones (iPhones are not punk!). Dads can be so embarrassing

Listening to a right wing punk band is like going to a liberal barbeque restaurant or hiring an anarchist accountant. You know your brisket is going to be vegan or your money is probably going to be set on fire. Its just common sense

After going to their myspace page though, they definitely sound hardcore. Kind of like a bizarro world version of Ministry and all of their anti-Bush albums. Ministry is good though. Get to the fucking point! *kicks over mic stand*

So HFTM have been in the news recently because one of their t-shirt designs featured a zombie version of president Barack Obama with a gunshot in its head. Some Republican Committee guy used the image in a mass email for Halloween and it offended every human on the planet and it was the worst thing to happen since Hitler. Seriously, stuffy old people pooped their pants and got their monocles fogged up for this.

From The Riverfront Times:

As first reported on by Virginia political blog Too Conservative this Monday, Loudoun County Republican Committee Communications Director Robert Jesionowski used the image in a Halloween-themed mass e-mail. He has explained that he found the image though a Google image search for the words “Obama” and “Zombie”.

"I check Right-Wing websites every morning before I head off to work," says HFTM vocalist Matt Monroe. "I saw this on The Blaze, along with the part where it says the Secret Service are aware of the situation. I immediately called up the artist that made it for us and told him to delete everything off of his computer and move to a shack in the wilderness somewhere." [Laughs]

"We only made 25 of those shirts," Matt continues. "It took two years to get a response! The design was made strictly for shock value. Obviously the bullet hole is in reference to what you do with zombies, NOT with presidents."

When asked if this recent publicity will have any impact on the inactive status of the band, Matt replied “The band might reform. We have friends telling us we’d be stupid not to, if only to sell some shirts.”

The artist that created the picture in question could not be reached from what I can only assume is his underground bunker hideout.

Here’s the thing: Head for the Mountains vocalist Matt Monroe is a DIRTY FUCKING LIAR!

The design is a direct ripoff of two previous designs. A livetrace of Shepard Fairey’s original Hope design from the 2008 elections, and a parody of the Hope poster by illustrator Jared Moraitis (AKA BeastPop):

The Beast Pop parody shirt has been sold online through a few different t-shirt sites like Teefury.com for a few years now. HFTM just combined the two images, added a bullet hole and flipped the exposed brains.

So yeah I think it would be very shitty of you, Head for the Mountains vocalist Matt Monroe, to get your terrible band together just so you can sell some stolen artwork. Sounds like you’re a fucking sell out as well. Don’t you have any integrity for your art?

Oh, nevermind. Art is for dudes touching dudes. You brilliant cock holes!

17 10 / 2011

Hot off the presses comes a hot tip from one of my readers. And it is HOT! HOT! HOT! I need to get the air fixed in my office. I’m sweating in here.

Growl & Grandeur (whose name features one of my least favorite words) is a brand new clothing company that features designs suited for lowrider enthusiasts(?) or something. They’re tattoo inspired designs? Lets read the story of how Growl & Grandeur came to be from creator, Colin Hood:

"In a foolish & misguided bid to gain acceptance in mainstream society, & somehow make good his earlier misdemeanors, he became an Art Director (a flouncy advertising term meaning Graphic Designer). After 10 years in the business, it became sharply apparent that the only real benefit to working in the advertising business is that people are oddly impressed when you say ‘I work in advertising’. "Tis not enough", cried our hero, & thus, from a handful of notepads, chewed marker pens & endless research, Growl & Grandeur was conceived, baked, born & unleashed upon a cruel and desperate world. All for that most noble endeavor, to keep oneself from a proper day’s work & an honest living. No sir, not he."

Ugh, that already sounds douchey before I even show you the designs this dude ripped off. Here’s the designs in question that were sent in to me:

"Just saw a post on Threadskull.com about a new clothing brand called Growl & Grandeur. I went to check them out and immediately recognized two of the designs as serious Chris Sanders ripoffs. Chris Sanders, if you don’t know, was the concept artist and creator of Lilo & Stitch for Disney and is famous for his very sexy pinup art."

And sure enough if you go to Chris Sanders’ portfolio page, these Growl & Grandeur shirts are just Frankenstein mashups of his work. Really, go and google Chris Sanders and pick out all of the hands, arms, and faces Colin had to steal to make these.

You can ask Colin why his brand new clothing line is a disaster on twitter @growlgrandeur and facebook

12 10 / 2011

I know some of you probably think I died because I havent posted in a long time. I’ve had a lot of art related business to take care of this month. I apologize. I’ll try to get to all of your submissions really soon. Moving on.

Disturbia is an indie clothing company from the UK and their most iconic shirts is this image of a Mickey Mouse skeleton blowing its brains out.

I was actually looking through flickr the other day and out of the freaking blue I stumbled upon this image

Muerto Mouse

and instantly recognized it as that Disturbia shirt up there. That’s a picture of a woodcut print by Mexican artist Artemio Rodriguez.

I’ve been trying to get in touch with Disturbia to find out what happened and who the artist is that created this rip for them. They only emailed me back to say that they were taking it down. Don’t get me wrong, there is no excuse for stealing someone else’s work, but when I saw this I had to give Disturbia the benefit of the doubt and assume that some shady ass artist sold it to them and they didn’t know. But I’ve been getting some emails saying that the OWNER of Disturbia, Frank Major made this rip. What the hell, Frank? You have such an awesome clothing line and you just had to go make a poopy.

For shame, Slash. For shame.

Also, Mr. Rodriguez asked me what kind of legal action he should take. So if anybody has any legal advice for Artemio on what he should do in this case, please email me and I’ll pass it along to him. Thanks homies.

08 9 / 2011

This fucking worthless douche just doesnt let up. Once again here’s Brandon Day ripping off other artists ( Here’s the original post in case you missed it.)

So originally this asshole had a Matthew Skiff rip featured in his online store. When he was discovered, he took it down…and replaced it with this Scott Gunner rip! Scott drew that skull for his “Skull-A-Day” tumblr page and Brandon Day ripped it. Good thinking Brandon! Its only been, what, two weeks since everybody discovered you’re a dirty filthy ripper. I’m sure nobody would notice.

I hear a few companies and artists have assembled legal teams to get this guy and I hope the long dick of the law fucks him in the ass. He has been so cocky through this whole situation and he really and truly believes that he is gonna get away with it.

Look for Brandon Day to be working at the local Pikeville Walmart real soon.

07 9 / 2011

When I started this site, I knew it would be a lot of work. I would have to put together evidence, piece by pain-staking piece. I would have to become a CSI person thingy, staying up all night in photoshop, hitting enhance, enhance, enhance, enhance, until the photographic evidence could be enhanced no more. Rotate, zoom-in…enhance again. Running down to the crime lab in my underwear to compare hair follicles. Drinking so much Mountain Dew.

After several days of comparing the evidence, I’ve determined that this shirt is in fact a rip of a Full Bleed shirt.

If you can’t see the rip, I’ve enhanced the picture so that it may be more evident to a non-professional:

dun dun duunnnnnn!

This is some sort of clothing store(?) called weRHuman (yes, spelled like that) and they have to be the laziest rippers ever. You can only order from their store through email, apparently. Because if they actually made an online store, the massive amounts of web traffic they would receive would surely bring the internet to its knees. They didn’t even bother to change the product shot from the original Full Bleed picture. They just copied the picture straight from the internet and typed a logo on the corner. I’m fairly certain that if you ordered this you would actually be getting a shirt with the product shot printed on the shirt. A-shirt-of-a-shirt-of-a-ripped-design.

weRHuman are such a huge corporation of mega-rippers, that they have branched off into another clothing company called Anti-Hipokrasi (YES! SPELLED LIKE THAT!). Here’s a rip of an Ardentees shirt:

So here we have two clothing lines, claiming to be pro-independent, anti-establishment, that rip off small independent clothing companies…?


06 9 / 2011

This sucks because I think this next ripper has a lot of talent, even if his entire style is kind of a rip off of Godmachine (google the things I say people!). Nonetheless, someone sent this in to me and the guy is still a ripper. His name is Eric and he goes by “Burn Til Dead”. Shucks, I really like that name too.

Here’s a shirt he did for the band, Chelsea Grin. He used the hands from a Christopher Lovell piece and the hair and horns from an Angry Blue piece
note: A reader brought to my attention that BTD and Christopher Lovell may have used the same reference picture to make their hands. Therefore that part wouldn’t necessarily be a rip. We’re not sure yet.

Here’s an overlay of Angry Blue’s artwork over Burn Til Dead’s. If you flip the picture horizontally its a perfect match for the Angry Blue art

I’m looking for more from this guy but email me if you find something and I’ll do an update. Thanks!

05 9 / 2011

"Hey I just got back from vacation so I can post some more rips this week.

31 8 / 2011

So one of the main reasons I started this tumblr was so that I was hoping to go above and beyond to try and stop rippers. Not just post stories, but go behind the scenes and try to ruin these guys’ lives a little bit. I had a brief stint on Facebook (before I got kicked off ,lame) contacting Brandon Day’s friends and family and telling them about his fraud. Cousins, wife, mother-in-law. Whoever. Its kind of my goal around here to get rippers’ friends to hate them. They can deny it all they want in public, but it would be awesome if, say, Brandon Day’s mother-in-law kicked him in the dick.

I saw Invocation was gearing up to do another release with a sweet ass tattoo artist named Kevin Hamilton. I wanted to warn Kevin before it was too late but apparently he had already sent him two designs. You can’t blame the guy for not knowing but I think we won a small victory by bringing it to his attention

31 8 / 2011

There’s not much I can add to this story since there are a ton of blogs that are already doing pretty hefty coverage of this guy (I’ll post some links in a sec, hold up).

Chad Lieberman started getting attention over at Deviant Art when users quickly learned that their art was being sold over at Art4Love.com. The owner, Chad Lieberman was selling pieces that he claimed were hand painted by him even though a lot of the artwork was clearly done digitally. Oh, and he didn’t create any of it. After tracking everything down, Deviant Art users tallied up over 350 pieces of stolen art on the website. Chad was selling other people’s art for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

What’s really crazy is, the guy apparently used to fucking OWN Deviant Art. Wha?

Anyways, the sheer amount of theft this guy committed is staggering and I cant even begin to cover it all. A lot of the theft victims are trying to start a donation so that they can start a class action lawsuit against this penis wrinkle.

If you want to read more on this guy and see a bunch of side-by-side shots of everything, check out these two awesome blog posts:
Pretty much every detail about the situation.
Great write up over at Plagiarism Today.

Kinda related: I met one of the original founders of DA at a house party once. We all knew him as Matty O, and I was wasted and I fucking GUSHED about how I was obsessed with Deviantart and how I loved him for creating it and how it changed my life. I was really drunk :-/

31 8 / 2011

Apparently it takes several years to get an account registered on youthoughtwewouldntnotice. long sigh